Welcome to the wonderful world of Homestucktalia/Hetastuck! Here you shall find a place where Hetalia and Homestuck meet to make something wonderful/comepletely stupid. Under the 'Hetastuck' tag, you should find posts about my headcanons for the Hetalia characters if they were placed in the Homestuck universe/what class and aspect the Hetalia characters would be in their god tier title/Homestuck style sprites and other pics of the Hetalia characters. Under the 'Homestucktalia' tag should be posts about what would happen if the two universe's characters should meet. Under the 'HomestuckHetalia' tag is parallels between the characters/what I think is the Hetalia characters' astrological signs. Disclaimer: I don't own either series in the slightest. I just wanted to slam 'em together awkwardly. :D

Ask me 'bout them!  
I got the birthdays from here and there. :D

I got the birthdays from here and there. :D


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    My birthday is right before Germanys o v o
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    The only person that has the same month as me is Prussia. I don’t know if I should be happy or if I should be scared.
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    Exactly on Latvia’s birthday. yes. yes good
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    I iwas supposed to be born on Taiwan’s birthday, but I ended up being born two days after Turkey’s. ;w;
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    Ah. I was supposed to born on America’s Birthday, but wound up the day before Lichtenstein.
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    I’m right smack on Iggy… April 23… I’m a little scared…
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    Lol, Japan is Aquarius.
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    norway~ =7=
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    ((I am actually a Virgo. Oh. & my blog is an RP of Ukraine. You just can’t tell by the name.))